Slovakia has completed the transfer of all 13 MiG-29 jet fighter planes that it pledged to Ukraine in March, according to Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nagy.

Nagy posted the news on Twitter this morning.

“All 13 Slovak MIG-29 have been safely handed over to Ukrainian Air Force. Proud to be on the right side, doing the right thing to help protect lives. We Stand with Ukraine,” the defense minister wrote.

The Slovak planes come at the same time that Poland has promised up to 14 of its MiG-29s. During President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to Poland in early April, President Andrzej Duda of Poland said that four planes had thus far been transferred, four more were in transit, and six more were being prepared for transfer.

However, the Polish and Slovak planes being given to Ukraine are in different conditions, as reported by Kyiv Post last week. Some have new communications equipment and have been upgraded to NATO standards; some are essentially not air-worthy and can only be used for spare parts.


Poland has previously said that it is ready to send all its MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine “in the future,” having already pledged 14 Soviet-made planes to Kyiv. President Duda made this commitment at a joint press conference with Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky during the April 5 visit.

“I think that in the future we will be able to transfer our whole remaining fleet of MiG-29s to Ukraine, if there is still such a need,” Duda said of the 28 MiG-29 jets in Poland’s possession.

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On April 11, Germany gave the green light for more of the Polish planes – originally of East German provenance and modified to NATO standards – to be transferred.

Slovakia and Poland are the first Ukrainian allies that have provided jet fighter planes – a total of 27 MiG-29s in different adaptations and suitability for combat.

On several occasions in the last month, Ukrainian officials have indicated that the success of Ukraine’s upcoming offensive to re-take Russian-occupied areas is reliant on appropriate equipment from Western allies being in place.

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Spare parts are still very useful
Joe Swanson
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I see the pro trump pro russia Ukraine is corrupt puppets are out in force. Must be a slow day on the Eastern front.

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@Joe Swanson,
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This war is being fueld by American greed and ukarnian corruption.
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Why are we as humans so hellbent on killng each other ??? THe person who can bring this nonsense to a close is needed. Respect each other, and let live. Just wish the world could turn a new chapter, and its leaders grow up.....
Francis Sengier
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No wonder the world is in such a mess. What can lead people in the 21st century to peddle the bunkum of "God" ( a mythic figure with no basis evidence in reality), a text from some 2000-year old writer with his/her own delusions and the notions that Trump has any credibility either as a politician, statesman or even honest businessman? The war in Ukraine can be understood and will be defined as a Neo-imperialist attempt to grab land and resources and to bolster a criminal regime that has its own warped view of history and humanity. All help to the people of Ukraine who are fighting for their lives.
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I have been helping Ukranian refugees in Spain for more than a year, and thank God none of them share the oppinions of the posts I can read here. After four years of the scunbag Donal Trump at the White House as the puppet of Putin, and letting the psycopath Putin do whaever he wanted, the posts still support the terrorist. With Trump at the White House again, the free world will end (he is worse than Putin and Xi Yinping, and admires distatorship and dictatorships), and that would be the best present for Putin and his colleagues. I agree Republican and Democrat Parties should find better candidates, but voting a scunbag like Trump is much worse than voting Vladimir Putin, with the same result.