In 2022, Berlin city made a ruling that it was forbidden to display the flags of Ukraine and the Russian Federation or wear pro-Russian symbols such as the St. George's ribbon or the propaganda symbols Z and V near the Soviet monuments in the former East Berlin on May 8 and 9.

A similar ruling had been made this year in respect of Soviet memorials in Treptow Park, Tiergarten and Schönholzer Heide.

That decision was challenged on May 5, in the Berlin Administrative Court by "Vitsche, as reported by Deutsche Welle (DW). The court decided to overturn the ban after a very short hearing. Vitsche’s announced the decision in a Twitter post: "We won the meeting in the first instance. As of now, the ban on Ukrainian flags and Ukrainian songs has been lifted."

The court's decision allows the displaying of Ukrainian flags and military music but still blocks the use of Russian flags, music and symbols as in last year’s ruling. Berlin police said on Twitter that they would not appeal the court's decision but, at the same time will take measures to prevent any actions perceived as an endorsement of Russia's war against Ukraine.

The ruling, which was released to the German media, states that the Berlin police's original decision was "manifestly illegal" as it did not provide "any evidence to suggest a threat to public safety."


"Vitsche" lawyer Patrick Heinemann also noted that the court’s decision confirmed the view that Ukrainian organizations in Germany: " … exercise their basic right to publicly declare their support for the Ukrainian people and their historical victims in the defeat of National Socialism does not pose a threat to public safety."

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