In a comprehensive position paper titled "Fighting for NATO," presented during the 15th Annual Kyiv Security Forum (KSF), the KSF asserts that the upcoming summit in Vilnius presents a critical opportunity for NATO to offer Ukraine membership in the alliance and initiate accession negotiations.

The comprehensive document, shared on May 25, emphasises the long-standing obstacle on Ukraine's path to NATO as a lack of political will from both Ukraine and the alliance.

The KSF's position paper characterises the decision of political leaders to indefinitely postpone Ukraine's accession to NATO as a "tragic mistake" instead of seizing the historic opportunity to halt Russia's escalating geopolitical and military ambitions while ensuring common security.


However, the document acknowledges that the dynamics have shifted significantly due to the ongoing war. Ukraine's resolute resistance against Russian aggression has fundamentally transformed the security perspective of the Alliance, establishing Ukraine as a vital pillar of common security.

According to the KSF, Ukraine's NATO membership is now irreplaceable, with no alternative formats or temporary security arrangements sufficient to substitute full membership.


The Kyiv Security Forum underscores the urgent need to translate words into action and expresses hope that the NATO summit in Vilnius will serve as a turning point for Ukraine's bid to join the Alliance.

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First signed by NATO and the Warsaw Pact in 1990, the treaty limits the number of tanks, combat aircraft and other military equipment that can be deployed between the Atlantic and the Ural Mountains.

Furthermore, the document advocates for discussions within NATO on providing Ukraine with security guarantees akin to those offered to existing members under the Article 5 collective defense clause, even prior to Ukraine's formal integration into the alliance. 

The Kyiv Security Forum, established by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation, serves as a crucial platform for discussing matters of war, peace, and national and global security.

You can read the full document here.

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