German Chancellor Olaf Scholz sharply responded to a group of pro-Russian protesters who tried to accuse him of "inciting war" due to Berlin's ongoing defense assistance to Ukraine, according to Bild. 

"Sholz in response recalled that the war was ignited by the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who sent hundreds of thousands of his forces to try to occupy Ukraine," the report reads.

The German city of Falkenz was hosting the European Festival of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, where Scholz spoke from the stage. About a hundred people tried to boo him, shouting ‘warmonger,’ ‘liar,’ and ‘thug.’ They declared that they wanted ‘peace without weapons’ and shouted to the chancellor: ‘Go away!’”

Some of those present sported "anti-vaccination" and Russian symbols on their clothes.


When Scholz took the stage, he said: "Dear screamers, welcome to the festival of democracy and festival of Europe <...> The warmonger is Putin, he invaded Ukraine with 200,000 soldiers <...> Putin wants to destroy and conquer Ukraine."

The chancellor believes that the "screamers" would have recognized Putin as a warmonger and would have voiced it "if there was at least some sense in their heads."

Scholz said that he sees no alternative to supporting Ukraine with weapons: "Yes, it is necessary, if the country is attacked, then it should be able to defend itself, what else? [Putin] killed many civilians, including children and elderly people. This is murder. This war of aggression threatens peace and freedom."

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Three Men Arrested in Germany Suspected of Targeting Ukrainian National

German federal prosecutors said the men were arrested in Frankfurt on June 19 after allegedly “gathering information about a Ukrainian national” staying in the city.

Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Wojtke, who was also on stage, said that this rally should actually be held in Moscow’s Red Square by the Kremlin.

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, before the start of the summit of the European Political Community in Chisinau, said that Germany, which already provides significant support to Ukraine, will also contribute to ensuring a peaceful order in the post-war period.

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