An explosion reverberated through the pension office of a Marhanets administrative building, in the Dnipropetrovsk region. An unidentified man entered the building, brandishing a grenade, and proceeded to take a woman hostage.


The National Police press service reported the incident via Telegram on Wednesday, Aug. 2.  


“At 08:56, a call was received on the emergency line 102, reporting an unknown man entering the administration building’s pension department with a grenade in his possession, holding a hostage, and making threats to detonate the explosive, police said.


Law enforcement promptly arrived at the location. Following negotiations with the police, the man released the woman, but then detonated the explosive device.


Consequently, he sustained injuries, though no other individuals were harmed. On-site police officers administered first aid. Ongoing investigations are being conducted at the scene.



The man’s motive is as yet unclear.

Later, Volodymyr Orlov, the deputy chief of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration, revealed during a television broadcast that the individual involved was an unsatisfied visitor.

"It appears the individual was a visitor at the Pension Fund, dissatisfied with certain matters. He took a hostage, but upon realizing he had no escape, he released her and subsequently detonated a grenade," explained Orlov.

The official further disclosed that the man, who sustained shrapnel wounds, is currently receiving treatment in the hospital. His condition remains stable, and he is under supervision.

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"The origin of the grenade will be established as part of the ongoing investigation. Medical professionals and law enforcement are presently engaged in dialogue with him," Orlov added.


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