Russian soldiers mobilized a year and more ago are not being given the option to leave the army and are instead being forced to sign contracts for further service, according to a conversation in an intercepted phone call.

In the recording published by Ukraine's Military Intelligence (HUR), the partner of a Russian soldier tells him to “prepare for the worst” and be prepared to pay a bribe in order to come home again. 

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“So in short, you will not be demobilized but forced to sign contracts? Such f***ers, holy s**t. And what to do now in such a situation? Either sign or..F**k. 

"I'll be candid – don't sign the contract. No matter the pressure, resist them. F**k them." 

The woman then claims the aim of Putin’s "SVO" (Special Military Operation) is the “disposal” of the Russian population.


"Yura, it's like using people,” she says. “They are just getting rid of people. They don't need people.

“They see you as nothing more than meat. Yes, it's true, money still holds a role, but their intentions are to eliminate as many people as possible. 

“This truth is no longer hidden. And all those on the front line grasp this reality.”

The woman then tells the soldier he should “prepare for the worst,” adding: “For some reason, I'm confident that they won't let you go; they won't grant freedom.”

As a way to avoid signing a contract, she suggests that her husband should offer a bribe to the military enlistment officer in order to facilitate demobilisation.

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"It's frustrating, but consider giving a bride to the officer. Let's offer him a substantial incentive, like half a million rubles ($15,000). 

"When they pressure you to sign a contract, tell them you were mobilized for a year already. Ask them about the order for demobilization, why can't they replace you with others?  

“You are a human being, you're exhausted. Why are you being given just a two-week vacation?”


Additionally, previously released intercepted communications between Russian soldiers and friends and family suggest that Russia plans to continue its attack on Ukraine for at least the next three years and that Russia is sending soldiers that are unfit for duty to the front line.

While the exact date of the intercepted calls are not known, the situation for soldiers on both sides is difficult as Ukraine’s summer offensive gains momentum. 

Ukrainian soldiers have told Kyiv Post they would fight on, but morale has been suffering with no quick end in sight.

However, the release of such intercepted conversations by Ukraine’s intelligence services indicates that Russia’s military finds itself in a much more dire situation, with soldiers coming to fear their own side as much as that of their Ukrainian adversary.



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