Flying a reconnaissance mission over Russian-occupied Crimea, a Ukrainian military intelligence drone captured video of being chased and shot at by two combat helicopters and a fixed-wing aircraft during several engagements.

Dodging the sloppy shooting of the Russian military pilots the Ukrainian UAV returned to base unharmed, while the operator gave the adversaries a descriptive new callsign.

The video, published by the Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR), shows how the Russians couldn’t shoot down the Ukrainian drone after two Russian combat helicopters and a plane had been chasing it for quite some time. The Ukrainian drone remained unharmed and returned home.

The Ukrainian UAV was flying an HUR operational mission, gathering intelligence near Cape Tarkhankut over the western Crimea Peninsula when it encountered the adversary aircraft.


“Despite the continuous fire, our drone came out unscathed from the battlefield and successfully returned to base,” the HUR said.

The Ukrainian drone operator couldn’t help but comment on the unsuccessful Russian pursuers who were unable to successfully complete their intercepts:

“Butterfingers,” he called the Russian military pilots.

HUR also said that Ukrainian drones are increasingly emerging unscathed after meeting the enemy in the battlespace.

“UAVs of the HUR increasingly come out unscathed not only after a meeting with the Rashist air defense, but also in a direct collision with enemy aircraft [i.e., after being rammed – ed.],” the agency said.

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