A drone has struck the Redkinsky Research Plant in the Tver region of Russia, according to reports.

The Russian media outlet Baza reported that at about four o’clock on Wednesday morning an unknown type of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) fell on the territory of a warehouse, which is leased from the Redkinsky plant by a company called “Spetzneftproduct.” 

According to Baza, only one empty tank and windows in the building near the plant were damaged with no injuries to personnel.

Residents reported hearing powerful explosions at around the same time when, it was claimed by local authorities, the drone was destroyed by Russian air defense forces.

However, according to a statement from Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Directorate (HUR), there were hits and damage to the enterprise.


“Today there was also a blow to the Redkinsky Experimental Plant in the Tver Region. It produces decalin [an aviation fuel additive]. It was a UAV attack. There are hits and there are defeats,” the HUR spokesperson added.

The attack was confirmed by the local governor Igor Rudenya. He declared that the drone was successfully shot down, although debris fell on the territory of a strategic enterprise, where it damaged a storage tank, which only fortuitously turned out to be empty. Emergency services were working at the scene. 

Russia has declared a total ban on the use of a drones in the Tver region.

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The Redkinsky Research Plant is one of the oldest chemical enterprises in Russia. It produces chemical products for the needs of the aviation and space industries.

One of these, decalin, is an aviation fuel additive which is used to reduce the negative effects of tetraethyl lead in and to improve the combustion efficiency of the fuel.

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