The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) was behind a drone attack which disrupted the electricity supply to crucial Russian military installations in the Kursk region, a source has confirmed to Kyiv Post.

"The SBU 'adjusted' blackout schedules in the Kursk region. Today's blackout took place as part of preparations for the upcoming autumn-winter period for occupying forces," they said.

According to the source, the targeted Russian military facilities were linked to an electrical substation in the towns of Suzha, Lyubimovka, and Glushkovo in the Kursk Region.

"The Security Service of Ukraine executed a drone attack on this electrical substation. Consequently, Russian military personnel are now experiencing what Ukrainians endured last year when electricity was unavailable for several days," the SBU stated. 


The Security Service of Ukraine has, in total, orchestrated seven similar attacks on Russian infrastructure.

Andriy Yusov, a representative from the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense (HUR), told Kyiv Post: "The consequences of the genocidal war and the offensive against Ukraine will increasingly impact the territory of the aggressor state."

On Thursday morning, Kursk Governor Roman Starovoyt said that Ukrainian drones had carried out "attacks on infrastructure facilities" in Russia's Kursk region, leading to substantial power interruptions. 

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Starovoyt mentioned that the districts of Sudzha, Korenevo, and Glushkovo were targeted overnight, prompting emergency response teams to commence efforts to restore the electricity supply.

Reports from Russian Telegram channels suggested that explosions at an electrical substation in the Kursk region caused power outages in 67 settlements. 

The SBU recently executed a "blackout" operation in the Kursk region, targeting an electrical substation on the night of September 29 due to its association with critical Russian military installations.


On September 26, a Ukrainian drone targeted an electrical substation in the Russian village of Snagost in the Kursk region. The drone deployed an explosive device, resulting in power disruptions that affected seven settlements in the region. 

An source within the SBU, speaking to Kyiv Post, emphasized that these operations represent a heightened level of their special operations capabilities.

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