The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) orchestrated a fresh “blackout” in the Kursk region by launching an attack on an electrical substation on Thursday night into early morning Friday using a drone stealthy enough to be missed by some of Russia’s most advance early warning radars.

RBC-Ukraine’s sources within the SBU shared a video documenting a successful attack on the electrical substation. The SBU said that vital Russian military installations were linked to it.

On that same night in the Kursk region, Russian authorities announced a “massive drone attack.” The local governor, Roman Starovoit, claimed that their anti-aircraft defenses had supposedly downed at least 10 drones.

Simultaneously, the Russian sources acknowledged that one of the drones had “dropped two explosive devices on the substation, causing one of the transformers to catch fire.” Consequently, five settlements and a hospital were left without electricity.


The footage published on Friday, September 29, depicts the drones hitting their intended target.

“If the Russian Federation persists in targeting our infrastructure, it will face even more ‘bavovna’ [‘cotton’ – typically referring to explosions – ed.] in retaliation,” sources from the SBU said.

However, these operations are not the sole successes in the Kursk region for the SBU. Sources within the Ukrainian special service also informed RBC-Ukraine that a recent SBU drone strike destroyed a Russian air defense system at the Kasta radar station.

Unknown Drones Spy on Ukrainian Training Grounds in Germany
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Unknown Drones Spy on Ukrainian Training Grounds in Germany

A German officer said they assumed some flew with “unfriendly intentions” but decided to simply incorporate them into the training to caution Ukrainian troops of the real dangers on the battlefield.

“Thanks to the ‘bavovna’ from the SBU, the Russian anti-aircraft defense has been a little ‘blinded,’” the SBU sources said.

According to their information, on Thursday, the SBU drone identified and neutralized this radar station located near the village of Giri in the Belovsky District of the Kursk Region.

The Russians contend that such a station has the capability to detect even aircraft with stealth technology, yet the SBU drone remained undetected by it, the agency said.


“The uniqueness of this radar station was its ability to detect air targets at extremely low altitudes. The keyword here is ‘was!’” the SBU said.

The Kyiv Post sought a comment from the SBU regarding these operations, but as of the time of publication, no response had been received.

The SBU has claimed responsibility for a drone attack targeting an electricity substation in Russia's Kursk region on the night of Sept. 26. The attack, which left several villages without electricity, was reportedly carried out intentionally by Kyiv to make Russians “experience what a ‘blackout’ is.”

In this incident, a Ukrainian UAV dropped explosives on the electricity substation located in the village of Snagost in Korenevsky District. As a result, seven settlements in the area were left without power, according to Kursk Governor.

A source within the SBU, as reported by the Kyiv Post, confirmed the drone attack and stated that it signifies a new level of SBU special operations.

Last week, several members of a Russian air regiment and their security service counterparts died while inspecting a Ukrainian kamikaze drone. They had managed to hijack and land it at an airfield in Kursk, Russia.


According to a source from Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) who spoke with the Kyiv Post, the UAV was successfully intercepted using radio-electronic warfare techniques and safely landed on the runway of the Khalino airfield.

Subsequently, the leadership of the air regiment stationed there, along with members of the FSB, made the decision to investigate their newly acquired “trophy.” However, their excitement was short-lived, as the drone exploded while they were photographing and inspecting it.

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