Russia has reportedly transferred weaponry of US and European origin captured in Ukraine to Hamas militants, Kyiv has claimed.

This action, reported by the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine's Ministry of Defense (HUR) on Monday, is part of a broader strategy by Russia to discredit Ukraine within the Middle East.

The aim is to accuse the Ukrainian military of regularly providing Western-made weapons to Hamas terrorists. Russian authorities plan to propagate these narratives through specific exposé publications in Western media outlets.

To lend credibility to these claims, Russian intelligence intends to leverage statements from Senior Lieutenant Ruslan Syrovoy, a recent defector from Ukraine's border service who has sought refuge in Moscow, as reported by HUR.

These accusations are intended to sow doubt among Western nations and disrupt the flow of arms to the Ukrainian Defense Forces.


On Oct. 7, Israeli territories experienced a significant rocket barrage from the Gaza Strip, with armed Hamas militants infiltrating southern Israel. In response, the Israel Defense Forces initiated Operation Iron Swords, launching retaliatory actions against the Gaza Strip.

On Oct. 8, the Israeli government declared a state of war for the first time since 1973. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged Gaza's population to evacuate and warned of a “long war.”

Consequently, on Oct. 9, the Israel Defense Forces announced successfully regaining control over all municipalities bordering the Gaza Strip.

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Turkey Hopes Ukraine Ceasefire Talks Can Start Soon

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I'm tired of people who spin things,
specially people who try to change history.
Russians have always used lies to justify crimes.
The person who calls him self " Max " and told
" John Grant " to stop this nonsens. You are
wrong, Russia has always had there fingers in
the Middle East. As for Pogroms, they were common
in East Europe since the dark ages. And it was always
started from the the people in power. So stop twisting
and lying about history. You are just another pro-russian
trying to justify war, Russia is Terrorstate.

Yes, the lies that comes from the " Russian regime is
nothing new.

Russia will fall, just like the Roman Empire.
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I think Ukrainians should smile when they tell these fairytales. Once again they are caught red-handed, and they come up with these inventive schemes. What is next? Will they claim that the Maidan and Bandera supporters were actually all Russia’s agents who intended to cause division and hatred, and “real” Ukrainian patriots actually love Russians and don’t want to hang or slaughter them? And likewise, it was Russia’s agents that passed all those pro-Bandera, pro-Petlura, pro-SS laws and sang “Bat’ko Nash Bandera” at the Parliament in Kiev??
John Grant
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Russia's support of Hamas should be no surprise. Russia provided weapons to Israel's enemies prior to the wars in 1967 and 1973. Russia has always persecuted Jews. They invented the pogrom and were allied with Hitler until Hitler betrayed them.

Israel has their hands full dealing with terrorists at the moment. After they prevail, Israel should reflect on their lack of support for Ukraine and the foolishness of trying to win favor with an antisemitic tyrant like Putin.

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@John Grant, stop this nonsense - it was Ukrainians that have been doing the pogroms, since the days of Bogdan Kmelnitsky, Ukrainian Hitler, in the 17th century, and they have been doing that ever since, and collaborated with Nazis since they hated the Jews too. Accusing Putin of being an antisemite is simply laughable.