Russia has reportedly deployed up to approximately 5,000 new reserves to the temporarily occupied city of Mariupol and its surrounding region along the coast of the Azov Sea, accompanied by the increased movement of air defense systems in and around the city.

Petro Andryushchenko, an adviser to the exiled Mayor of Mariupol, made this announcement via Telegram on Monday, Oct. 9, stating, “Another reserve of manpower has been transferred to Mariupol and the district.”

He wrote, “The arrival of newly formed and/or newly recruited Russian units has been recorded. There are two cannons on their unit chevron insignias.”

In total, this deployment comprises up to about 5,000 military personnel. Andryushchenko, citing sources, mentioned that even the uniforms of these new reservists appear to be in a “never been washed condition.”


Andryushchenko wrote that the last introduction of such new reserves was recorded in April 2023.

He also reported an increase in the movement of air defense systems in Mariupol and its vicinity. This movement is being carried out “without adhering to global security measures.”

“Along the coast from the village of Melekyne toward Berdyansk, we have observed additional deployment of communication systems,” Andryushchenko added.

Earlier he revealed that Russian troops have been installing surveillance equipment in the temporarily occupied Mariupol in the Donetsk region to monitor the conversations and internet traffic of local residents. Over the past three months, 40 surveillance towers have been erected throughout the city.

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The threat from drones, loitering munitions and precision-guided weapons applies as much to artillery systems as it does to tanks and other armored vehicles.

Andryushchenko also noted that today a conflict once again erupted in the city center on Metalurgiv Avenue near the Central Market, involving individuals in civilian clothes believed to be associated with Kadyrov’s forces and Russian military personnel. As a result, traffic was partially disrupted.

In recent times, Russian forces have continued to fortify their defensive positions in the Nikolka-Mangush district, located near Mariupol. Earlier, Andryushchenko had reported the transportation of dragon’s teeth by Russian troops through Mariupol, intended to bolster their defense lines.


According to him, the objective is not only to "protect" Mariupol from a potential counteroffensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine but also to secure the overland corridor leading to Crimea.

Furthermore, Russian forces are intensifying their efforts to deepen the port in Mariupol, which they have captured, and are constructing a road from Rostov-on-Don to Mariupol. Russia also has plans to establish a railway connection with Mariupol, Volnovakha, and Donetsk, aimed at addressing both military and civilian logistical needs.

Since early March 2022, shortly after the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, Mariupol had been under continuous siege until it fell under complete Russian occupation in the latter part of May. Subsequently, Russian forces established Mariupol as a heavily fortified military stronghold.

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