Ukraine has requested an official explanation from Turkey regarding the visit of representatives of the Russian occupation administration in Yalta to Istanbul, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Oleh Nikolenko said on Facebook.

The Foreign Ministry learned that the Russian occupiers took part in a meeting of the United Cities and Local Governments international organization, where they discussed the possibility of establishing twinning relations between Yalta and the Beylikdüzü Municipal District of the Istanbul Province.

“We take this situation with extreme seriousness. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has already requested official explanations from the Turkish side regarding the status of the visit of representatives of the Russian occupation administration,” Nikolenko wrote.


Nikolenko said that under the norms of international law, the Crimean Peninsula is part of the territory of Ukraine and only temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation.

UN General Assembly resolutions require all parties to refrain from actions that may cast doubt on the status of Crimea, which Ukraine said applies to contacts with occupation administrations.

“We expect that the Turkish authorities, which support the territorial integrity of Ukraine, will properly respond to the Russian provocation and prevent its repetition in the future,” Nikolenko wrote.

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Its hard to displace an authoritarian inclined leader once in power even in a democracy (Putin, Orban, Lukeshenko, Erdogan, Trump). Unlike leaders that believe in the core tenants of democracy and work to advance the overall well being of their citizens, authoritarians quickly undermine freedom of the press and figure out ways to circumvent normal processes limiting their 'elected' term. Opposing views are vindictively and often violently suppressed. Those loyal to the defacto dictator profit, but at the expense of the majority. Productivity and industrial innovation of the oppressed nation declines as general despair rises in the population. Citizens of other functioning democracies recognize the decline in legal rights in these countries and begin to avoid them. The economy of the former functioning democracy declines. The authoritarian leader blames it on the meddling of 'western nations of poor morality'. To sustain their own decadence they open the door to other despots that thrive by extorting others.....repeat and rinse.

Ukraine is a prime example of the strength that comes from unity and benevolent leadership. A small David knocking out a malicious goliath. It is just in its cause. It will rise to new heights after defeating putin, and will be an admired and valued partner of true democracies.

Turkey under Erdogen is presently sadly a country in decline.
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Turkey serves its own interest, absolutely no honor except to the highest bidder, the bottom of the shoe of society!!
Joseph Swanson
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Seems my nation will never learn that certain nations and cultures can do and say whatever they want and "laws" mean nothing.
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Kyiv is being very naïve in having any trust placed in Turkey as they are basically an off-shoot of Russia. Turkey is busy making millions of profit in their 'friendly attitude.