Video footage has emerged showing the brutal beating and mock executions of Russian soldiers by their superiors, after they were accused of taking drugs, “breaking morale” and getting their comrades killed in combat.

The video – posted online by the Russian anti-corruption group – shows a number of men cowering on the ground as they’re beaten by sticks.

Later in the footage, another solider repeatedly fires a gun just inches from a soldier’s head, narrowly missing him.

Elsewhere in the video, another group of men can be seen being forced to dig a large hole nearby.

One of those administering the punishment says: “These people killed our boys from the 1st company.  They got fucked up on salts and afraid of themselves.”

“They just didn’t go, they chickened out, they passed on this cowardice to others... They didn’t have the courage... They broke the morale of the soldiers, and because of them our boys from the 1st company died. 


“We are punishing them right now... So they brought drugs, fed them salt, and went into battle... That's it, you are 200 [army code for dead].  You are already 200.”

Salts, also called bath salts, are synthetic stimulants that can cause acute psychosis and aggressive behaviour.

One of those being beaten yells “please forgive me,” while another says: “I just tried some, I didn’t know.”

Ukraine's Precipice
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Ukraine's Precipice

The $61-billion military aid package from the United States, if passed as expected, will allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to bomb troops and operations behind enemy lines.

Throughout Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, numerous reports have indicated the brutal treatment meted out to Moscow’s troops by their superiors.

Last month the White House said discipline and morale among Russian troops is so low that soldiers are being executed for not following orders.




National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, said that as well as individual cases of capital punishment, entire units were being threatened with death if they retreat from Ukrainian artillery fire.

“We have information that the Russian military has been actually executing soldiers who are refusing to follow orders,” he said.


“We also have information that Russian commanders are threatening to execute entire units if they seek to retreat from Ukrainian artillery fire,” he added.

“It's reprehensible.”

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Vincent Litabalia
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It's really heart wrenching to serve the interests of a moron thinking you're in service of your motherland, Russia is an open mental institution
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If I were a betting man, I would say that this is the beginning of the end for Russia and its cruel tiny dictator.
They might just pack up and leave, declaring that they did nothing wrong.
Vernon Walker
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This the better Russia Putin promises his people or a return of the Starling brutal dictatorship