LATEST: Ukraine Confirms Russian Troops Executing Two Ukrainian Soldiers Upon Surrender

Video has emerged appearing to show Russian troops gunning down two Ukrainian soldiers as they surrender.

The footage – reportedly filmed near Avdiivka – shows one man emerging from a dugout with his hands above his head before lying face down on the ground.

A few feet from the entrance, several Russian soldiers crouch down pointing their guns.

A few moments later a second Ukrainian soldier emerges. As he struggles out, the Russian soldiers open fire.

Ukrainian blogger Deep State posted the footage online and it was quickly picked up by others.

Blogger Ihor Lachenkov said: “Once again, the russians are breaking all the war rules, along with moral and human laws they never cared about.”


Maria Drutska said the video was evidence of “Russian war criminals.”

On Sunday, the Strategic Committee of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has confirmed the authenticity of the footage.

A message posted on Telegram states: "The published footage depicts the execution of two prisoners of war from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to verified information, the Russian occupiers have once again treacherously fired upon unarmed soldiers."

It is not be the first example of Russian troops killing unarmed Ukrainian soldiers.

In April video emerged of Russian troops beheading a Ukrainian soldier.

And in what became in iconic moment in Ukrainian resistance, an unarmed Ukrainian POW whose final words “Glory to Ukraine” were captured in a video, was gunned down in March.

Putin Following in Stalin’s Genocidal Footsteps
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Putin Following in Stalin’s Genocidal Footsteps

Two years after Russia launched its full-scale attack to annul any remnant of an independent Ukraine, Putin’s genocidal intent is now impossible to deny.

Oleksandr Matsievskyi’s picture and last words – “Slava Ukraini” in Ukrainian – became the latest symbol and rallying call of the country’s fierce resistance in the face of Moscow’s ongoing aggression.

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It's probably a good idea to surrender weapons BEFORE the bullets run out... otherwise that's not really surrendering, is it...?
Neil MacDonald
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Where is the outrage when russians gun down surrendering Ukrainians, or is everyone becoming numb to the fact that they're going to do it? Yet when Ukrainians (who have had to suffer the barbarity of russians) do it, the world is in an uproar and clamors for justice. War is barbaric by nature, but don't confuse that with false indignation and double standards.