The head of the Ukrainian president’s office has said results so far from the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos are “very encouraging,” as he outlined five points of the Peace Formula, which should be considered at the fourth meeting of national security advisors and foreign policy advisors.

Andriy Yermak said more and more countries were getting involved to back Kyiv, which he said “indicates an understanding that this conflict in Europe is a challenge for all of humanity.”

He added: “It's very encouraging that the Global South is increasingly getting involved in our work.”

Yermak stressed that Russia is not seeking a just peace and any pause in the fighting would simply give the Kremlin time to build up its forces.


“The Russians do not want peace,” he said. “They want domination.

“So, the choice is simple: either we lose and vanish – or win and live on. And we are fighting.”

Yermak went on to outline what he said the costs of a Russian victory would be.

He said: “If international law and Ukraine's territorial integrity are not restored, any aggressor anywhere in the world will be able to seize a piece of any country tomorrow and hold fake elections there.

“The peace that Ukraine seeks must guarantee its survival, integrity, sovereignty, and development. And it must prevent the recurrence of aggression.

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“Together, we have created a comprehensive framework to achieve such peace. Its elements are closely interlinked, and this is the only way forward.”

Yermak said work would continue at Davos on five points of the Peace Formula “including the withdrawal of Russian troops, the restoration of justice, environmental security, preventing a recurrence of war, and confirming the end of the war.”

On Sunday, as part of the fourth meeting of advisors in Davos, two more special sessions on the Peace Formula will be held

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