Ukrainian partisans continue their activities in the temporarily occupied Crimean Peninsula and are even expanding their network of agents for future operations.

The Ukrainian partisan movement Atesh reports that they have managed to penetrate the territory of a military unit in Feodosia, Crimea. The guerrillas quietly entered the territory of the 18th Guards Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment of Sevastopol and Feodosia. “While the guards were busy doing important things on their phones, we were able to quickly reconnoiter and record everything,” Atesh said.

In addition, Atesh noted that this spy operation was made possible with the help of Russian mobilized personnel in this military unit, “who suggested when and where it was better to take photos and videos.”


The occupation authorities of Crimea are desperately trying to protect the peninsula from Ukrainian attacks, so they are frantically building defense facilities. Works are underway along all coastlines and near the administrative border with the Kherson region.

Therefore, the Atesh guerrilla movement is actively recruiting agents among Crimean residents working at various construction sites. The underground promises to pay from 5,000 rubles ($57) daily for partisan work and an advance payment of 15,000 rubles ($170) upon joining.

The agent is only required to take photos and videos of construction sites or documents and share the location.

Ukrainian Air & Sea Drones Blast Russian Coast Guard Base in Crimea – Video
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Ukrainian Air & Sea Drones Blast Russian Coast Guard Base in Crimea – Video

The combined drone attack hit the command center and ammo/equipment depot of a military base while the Russians were training, a Kyiv Post source said.

All information received by the guerrillas is immediately passed on to the Ukrainian Defense Forces, including Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR).

In this way, the Russian serviceman helped Ukrainians collect all the necessary information about the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which allowed Ukraine to launch a devastating strike on the Black Sea Fleet headquarters, resulting in the deaths of dozens of Russian officers.

Among the dead was probably the Black Sea Fleet Commander Viktor Sokolov. However, in an exclusive interview with Kyiv Post, a representative of Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence, Andriy Yusov, said “many brass hats were liquidated” but Admiral Sokolov’s fate was still unclear.


“As to Sokolov, he’s definitely anything but fine. If and as soon as his death is confirmed, we’ll surely inform the public.”

“Our movement is growing every day, as is the rapid de-occupation of Ukrainian territory from the Russian Armed Forces,” the Atesh partisans added.

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