Partisans conducting a surreptitious reconnaissance of ships in Sevastopol discovered the wreckage of a border guard ship of Project 205P Tarantul, a Russian patrol ship that sank in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol several weeks ago, according to a report published by Atesh partisans on Telegram.

The wreckage is located at the pier of Grafska Bay at the following coordinates: N44.615763, E33.587110, and was probably sunk during an attack by Ukrainian naval drones on the military facilities of the Russian troops a few weeks ago, as claimed by Atesh.

Partisans said that the Russians have lost another important weapon in the Black Sea.

“We congratulate everyone. We will gradually expel the occupying army from Ukrainian territories and restore justice,” the message read.

The partisans also said that this ship was stolen by the Russians from Ukraine during the occupation of Crimea in 2014.


“The ship was indeed stolen by the occupiers in 2014. It was actively used by them for military purposes. It was the one that was sunk,” the report said.

The Atesh movement also added a photo of the vessel taken in 2012 in Sevastopol, Ukraine, stressing that the city is “waiting to be freed from the rashists.”

The Tarantul ship is a type of Soviet patrol boat. The project was developed in the mid-1960s. During 1967-1989, 137 such ships were built in Leningrad and Vladivostok.

The length of the ship is 39.94 m with a displacement of 238 tons. Its speed is 35.6 knots. The ship usually accommodates up to 30 crew members.

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Ukraine’s 73rd Naval Center of Maritime Special Operations had one of its worst days of the entire war as Russian sources claimed the commandoes were shot down as they tried to land on a beach.

Ukrainian partisans persist in their activities within the temporarily occupied Crimean Peninsula, expanding their network of agents for future operations.

The occupation authorities of Crimea are making frantic efforts to safeguard the peninsula from potential Ukrainian attacks. Construction of defense facilities is underway along all coastlines and near the administrative border with the Kherson region.

To counter these efforts, the Atesh movement is actively recruiting agents among Crimean residents employed at various construction sites. The underground promises a daily payment of 5,000 rubles ($56) for partisan work, along with an advance payment of 15,000 rubles ($169) upon joining.


Agents are only required to capture photos and videos of construction sites or documents and share the location.

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Shame on the west for failing to provide Ukraine with long range missiles. That mistake has cost countless Ukrainian lives and may cost Ukrainians their freedom.

Russia attacks civilians in every part Ukraine. Ukraine should be able to attack military targets in every part of Russia. Western taxpayers paid to develop weapons to stop Russian aggression. They aren't helping anyone collecting dust in western warehouses.

The USA needs weapons to stop Iran and China but Europeans have no need for weapons except to stop Russia. Europe should send ALL their weapons to Ukraine not just their surplus. The more Russian weapons factories Ukraine can destroy, the sooner Russia will be unable to fight. It will save lives.
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This sounds just like the Nazis when they took over France in World War II and frantically building coastal defenses. Some can still be found along the coast!