An engineer employed at a Russian defense plant has reportedly taken his own life after a missile which he was involved in creating struck an apartment building in Kharkiv and killed his grandmother.

Gorobets Anton Igorevich was reportedly employed by the Almaz-Antey defense plant which is engaged in the development and production of anti-aircraft missiles, radar equipment, and components for air defense and missile defense systems.

His lifeless body was discovered by a concerned friend who noticed his absence from work.

The incident was reported by the Russian Telegram channel "New Great Russia" which also showed what it claims was a picture of his body and his suicide note.

Kyiv Post could not verify the details of the report and Russian authorities have yet to comment.

In a suicide note found in his breast pocket, Anton wrote that “he couldn't live” after the missile hit the house where his grandmother lived.


“I, Gorobets Anton Igorevich, worked as an engineer at the Main System Design Bureau, Almaz-Antey Air Defense Concern, named after Academician A.A. Raspletin.

“A few days ago, a rocket that I had a hand in flew to Kharkiv, hitting the house where my grandmother lived on my mother's side; she passed away. I couldn't live with it,” Gorobets wrote.

"What is happening now is a horror and a nightmare. I refuse to participate anymore, but I can't bring my grandmother back either," he added.

The shelling in Kharkiv on Jan. 23 claimed 11 lives and left 60 others injured in three separate attacks by Russian forces.

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"New Great Russia" reports that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is considering the incident as a potential murder. The company has allegedly initiated a comprehensive check on employees who had communication with the engineer.

Almaz-Antey faced sanctions in 2014, and in 2015, it was revealed that it supplied weapons to pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine. Almaz-Antey is recognized for manufacturing S-300, S-400, and S-500 missiles, along with Buk-M2 air defense systems.

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Almaz-Antey sounds like a great target for the next Ukrainian HIMARS launch.