Ukraine’s special forces have released an epic video showing the planting of a flag by drone on the remains of Russian positions taken out in the Zaporizhzhia direction.

In a post on Telegram, Special Operations Forces (SSO) published footage of what it said was the destruction of “two enemy strongholds along with heavy equipment and enemy personnel.”

The video shows the coordinated work of two UAV crews, one of which conducted reconnaissance of Russian positions at night, and the strike group, which with the help of a strike action multicopter hit dropped ammunition on the Russian strongholds.

At the end of the video, the Ukrainian military installed a blue-yellow flag using a drone.

“To once again remind the occupiers that this is Ukrainian land and they are here for a short time, the operators, using a drone, installed a blue-yellow flag on the site of the destroyed enemy strongholds,” the post reads.


Kyiv Post could not independently verify when and where the footage was taken.

A Ukrainian military officer interviewed by Kyiv Post said that the Russians call such strike drones "Baba Yaga."

"They work covertly at night, deliver destructive fire and are very noisy, so the enemy does not see this drone at night but hears its approach," the serviceman said.

"After the operation of such a UAV, equipment, ammunition, and dugouts usually burn," he added.

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Baba Yaga is a mythological figure widely present in Russian folklore. She is portrayed as an evil witch who flies through the air on a broom, consuming people and capable of transforming heroes into animals.

The Ukrainian military points out the heavy strike drone can carry up to 20 kilograms of explosives and flies low to improve accuracy.

The propellers of such UAVs can be heard several kilometers away, which is why the combat sorties of the drone take place only in the dark.

Earlier, fighters from the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces posted a video on Telegram showing them engaging and destroying Russian observation posts and eliminating five Russian soldiers in the southern sector of the front line.


The UAV complex crew destroyed the targets by dropping munitions from a drone equipped with a thermal imager, according to the SSO's statement.

A Ukrainian aerial intelligence officer, interviewed by Kyiv Post, suggested that the fighters used a Mavic 3T drone, probably dropping F-1 hand grenades on the Russian positions.

The SSO also released dramatic headcam footage showing them storming a Russian position in the Donetsk region and taking two POWs.

In a post on Telegram, the Special Operations Forces (SSO) said the "successful raid" was carried out by "distracting the enemy with RGP-40 fire" while other soldiers "came up close to the enemy from the rear."

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