At least five people are dead and dozens more wounded after another Russian mass missile attack on cities across Ukraine on Wednesday morning.

Four people are known to have died in Kyiv and one in Mykolaiv.

In a post on Telegram, President Zelensky said said six areas of the country had come under attack including the Kharkiv and Lviv regions.

He added: “My condolences to all those who have lost family and friends. We will certainly respond to Russia – terrorists will always feel the consequences of their actions.”

Kyiv Post reporters in the capital were woken by an air raid alert just before 6 a.m.

Two loud explosions were heard in the center of the city around an hour later, and at least two more 45 minutes after that.


One missile flew into a residential region of the capital's southern Holosiivsky district and hit an apartment building in an upper story and detonated, a Kyiv Post reporter saw.

The Russian weapon with a silhouette similar to a cruise missile flew from west to east and was descending at a shallow angle when it struck the building.


An orange flame from the missile's engine was visible as it approached. Dirty gray smoke from the explosion rose more than twice the height of the hi-rise building seconds after the missile hit. There were at least three explosions.

The strike observed by Kyiv Post was the last.

The Kyiv city district where the missile struck is adjacent to a major shopping center and a large natural forest park with duck ponds and bike paths. The region is residential.

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Just south of the capital in the city’s suburbs, a Kyiv Post reporter heard air defenses engaging multiple incoming missiles and observed one in-air explosion when AFU defenses successfully destroyed its target.

Black smoke was then seen drifting from the intercept point over an open field near apartment buildings. No debris was directly observed.

Kyiv authorities said emergency services were called to the Dnipro and Holosiivsky districts of the capital.


Earlier, Mayor Vitali Klitschko wrote in a post on Telegram: “Explosion in the city. Do not leave the shelters until the alarm goes off!”

Later he added: “As a result of an enemy attack, two high-voltage lines were damaged by missile fragments in the capital.

“Some consumers on the left bank are currently without electricity.”

Explosions have also been reported in Kharkiv and various groups of missiles are being tracked across the country.

Poland said it had scrambled aircraft during the Russian strike as some missiles were at one point headed towards its airspace.

The all-clear sounded shortly before 9 a.m.

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