German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Thursday urged the European Union and United States to step up efforts to supply aid to war-torn Ukraine, ahead of a visit to Washington for talks with President Joe Biden.

“We must find a way to all do more together,” Scholz said in Berlin, adding that what had been promised by Europe and the United States to Kyiv in its fight against Moscow was “still not enough”.

Scholz’s visit to key ally the United States comes as a $60 billion aid package for Kyiv pushed by Biden has become held up in the Senate amid Republican chaos.

EU leaders last week agreed 50 billion euros ($54 billion) of aid for Ukraine, overcoming months of opposition from Hungarian leader Viktor Orban.

The German leader has voiced hope this could help Biden in his efforts to push through the package in Washington.


In his comments Thursday, Scholz said that Germany had made a “very large contribution but it will not be enough on its own”.

“Now is the moment where we have to do what is necessary -- that is, to jointly give Ukraine the opportunity to defend itself.

“At the same time, (we have to) send a very clear signal to the Russian president -- that he cannot count on our support diminishing but that it will last long enough and it will be big enough”.

Scholz departs Thursday for Washington, and will hold talks with Biden Friday.

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From the same nation that dithered and dallied during the the Russian invasion before committing on 26 January 2022 military aid of 5000 military helmets.