Units of the Special Operations Forces (SSO) conducted a complex special operation codenamed “Hoverla,”to seize a stronghold held by Russian troops at a dominant position, according to the report on Telegram.

The SSO post included footage of the operation:

"The goal of the operation was to capture the enemy's strong point on a commanding height," the message read.

The location is not specified but it was emphasized that the success of this particular operation, improved the operational and tactical position of the Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

“The units of the Defense Forces had not succeeded in taking it [the position] under control for several months,” the social media post said.

The SSO forces carefully planned and conducted the operation in cooperation with conventional units of the Defense Forces.


A Ukrainian military officer interviewed by Kyiv Post noted: “Everyone who has a certain dominant height position has an advantage on the battlefield.”

The SSO revealed that the fighters advanced for the operation under cover provided by fire support, radio-electronic warfare, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The video starts as the Ukrainian assault group advances towards the Russian stronghold. Later, we hear explosions as the Russian forces begin to resist them, trying to prevent the assault.

“We are being targeted,” said the Ukrainian trooper, ordering the rest of the soldiers to take cover in a trench.

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He then speaks into his radio, calling for suppression of Russian drones by electronic warfare resources.

The we hear a message over the radio: “You can try to move further.”

The operator tells his comrades that the Russian positions will be suppressed by Ukrainian forces with fire and orders an assault using grenades, including those with thermobaric fuses, and "Bumblebee" flamethrowers.

On the radio, he calls for Ukrainian UAVs to start combing those areas where the EW was not working.

In this moment, aerial scouts discover four Russian soldiers and report that they seem to be planning to withdraw.


The assault group then occupies the “red line” - the closest position to the Russian strong point - and wait for a Ukrainian kamikaze drone to attack it.

“We are waiting for the explosion - we will start after the explosion,” the trooper.

After the explosion rings out, Ukrainian fighters begin their assault - the video showcases them beginning to throw grenades at the Russian position and advancing toward it.

“Thanks to the coordinated and professional work of the SSO operators, the enemy was knocked out of the stronghold, and two enemy paratroopers were captured,” the SSO said in a statement.

The video ends with a conversation between the Ukrainian soldiers and one of the Russian POWs.

Ukrainian soldier: “What was your reason for coming to fight?”

POW: “I didn't want to fight, I wanted freedom. I wanted to go to Poland, I have a great-grandfather from Poland... It would be better if I stayed for a year and 9 months in prison and got out.”

Ukrainian soldier: “This thought came to your mind only after two grenades in the trench.”

After clearing and establishing full control over the Russian stronghold, other Defense Force units enter the heights.


The SSO say they had conducted similar successful operations earlier.

At the end of January, Ukrainian special forces released dramatic headcam footage showing them storming a Russian position in the Donetsk region and taking two POWs.

The SSO said the “successful raid” was carried out by “distracting the enemy with RGP-40 fire” while other soldiers “came up close to the enemy from the rear.”

Ukrainian Special Ops also shared a Telegram video that shows the destruction of Russian observation posts and the elimination of five Russian soldiers in the southern front sector.

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