Russian forces attempting to dislodge a Ukrainian bridgehead on the Dnipro River have been banned from using armored vehicles and are now attacking on foot as “suicide bombers,” Ukraine’s military has said.

Speaking to the United News telethon on Thursday, South Operational Command spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk said the ban was due simply to how much materiel Moscow’s forces have been losing in the now months-long battle.

“For a long time, we have been observing that they have a ban on using armored vehicles during assaults, meaning that at first they were making assaults using classic tactics of fighting with armored vehicles,” she said.

“But they were losing equipment, so after a while, they stopped using it.

“We found out that they have a ban on it, meaning that assaults are carried out directly by infantry groups.”


Humeniuk said the number of Russian attacks had dropped in recent days from 10-15 per day to three or four.

She suggested this was because it was “increasingly difficult for the enemy to assemble a group of suicide bombers” and that Russian forces were losing 50-80 men a day.

As Kyiv Post reported last month, Ukrainian Marines are deeply dug-in and, backed by masses of strike drones, are firmly holding ground first captured in mid-October.

According to a number of independent observers, no matter what Russian forces try to do they haven’t been able to dislodge the Ukrainians who will “still be there in weeks and months to come.”

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Use Russian Asset Profits to Arm Ukraine: EU Chief

Calls have been mounting to find ways to support Kyiv's war effort by tapping the bank accounts, investments and other assets frozen after Russia invaded its neighbour in 2022.

Evidence is now mounting that Russian forces have suffered such heavy losses that some troops are reportedly refusing to attack.

According to multiple Ukrainian and Russian sources, Moscow’s attempts to wipe out the bridgehead employing substantial ground attacks have virtually come to a halt.

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