Members of the ATESH partisan movement posted a report on Telegram that detailed their recently conducted surveillance of Russian troop fortifications and a Military Unit in occupied Crimea.

“Our agents reached the enemy construction site in the village of Okunivka in the Black Sea region,” the message stated.

The partisans observed the construction progress and studied Russia's defense plans, providing GPS location coordinates: 45.367709 and 32.777324.

“We left a few ‘gifts’ for the Rashists. Move with caution,” ATESH reported.

The partisans say that they had uncovered large-scale embezzlement of funds at the site, stressing “Russian corruption is our main ally.”

Meanwhile, the partisans noted ongoing efforts by Russian troops to fortify their positions in the occupied territories.


“We are infiltrating the enemy's ranks to prevent him from carrying out his criminal plan” the message read.

Partisans also carried out surveillance of the Military Enlistment Office and the premises of the Russian Guard's OMON special unit in Simferopol, again providing GPS coordinates: 44.98513052031522, 34.08166824180446.

“During our reconnaissance, we identified vulnerabilities in the security of these military facilities, along with the numbers of personal vehicles of officers from these units,” the guerrillas reported.

ATESH disclosed that their operator “engaged in a friendly conversation” with the local patrol, through which he gathered information about the quantity of equipment and weapons present at the facilities.

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What Hitler Tells Us About Putin

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The partisans wryly remarked, “We encountered some rather gullible soldiers.”

The ATESH movement say that they conveyed all gathered intelligence to the Defense Forces of Ukraine, asserting that “results will soon follow.”

On Monday, Feb 19, Ukrainian partisans shared images depicting the arrival of Wagner mercenaries in Dzhankoy, within the temporarily occupied Crimea.


Included among the arrivals were soldiers from the Druid combat medical unit, the 80th separate Arctic brigade, military vehicles from the Arkhangelsk region, and representatives from the Komi Republic.

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