Ukrainian partisans posted images on their Telegram channel on Monday, Feb 19 that seems to show the arrival of Wagner mercenaries in Dzhankoy, in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

ATESH partisans reported seeing that many new Russian troops had appeared in Dzhankoy, among which some were wearing the “markings of the notorious Wagner PMC,” the partisans say.

Other new arrivals included soldiers of the Druid combat medical unit, the 80th separate Arctic brigade, military vehicles from the Arkhangelsk region and representatives of the Komi Republic.

The Ukrainian underground reports that Dzhankoy has become a major logistics center for occupation troops as they try to establish a bridgehead to advance against Ukrainian held territory.

“Fortunately, our agents continue to work, and as a result, we have already had a number of effective arrivals. But the real success is yet to come!” the ATESH partisans promise.


Earlier this month, the Kyiv Post obtained exclusive footage showing Ukrainian HUR special forces interrogating captured Russian mercenaries from the Wagner PMC in the Republic of Sudan.

One of the prisoners confesses that he is a member of the Wagner PMC who were given the task of overthrowing the government of Sudan.

The Wagner Group is a Russian state-funded private military company (PMC) that is used as a proxy by the Kremlin, to give it plausible deniability for military interventions abroad, and to hide the true level of casualties in its foreign operations.

Ukraine Should Not be Left to the Mercy of Devious US Politicians
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Ukraine Should Not be Left to the Mercy of Devious US Politicians

Trump and some Republicans have repeated Russian disinformation, consistently favoring Putin; now these rightwing extremists have expanded to become a slight majority in the House of Representatives.

The group was sanctioned by several Western governments for its part in Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In January 2023, the US designated Wagner as a “significant transnational criminal organization.”

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