• Russia originally deployed approximately 130 Battalion Tactical Groups for its invasion of Ukraine. This likely included approximately 1,300 tanks, over 5,000 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) and armoured personnel carriers (IAPCs), and at least 100,000 personnel.
  • In two years of conflict, Russian losses match - and in many cases surpass - those that comprised its original force. Confirmed Russian losses include over 2,700 tanks and 5,000 IFVs and APCs. Russia's killed and wounded are likely approximately 350,000 personnel.
  • Mobilisation and recruitment, production and refurbishment of existing stockpiles means that losses have been replaced. Russian forces in Ukraine are now larger in number than at the start of the war. It is now able to maintain attacks along the front line and pursue a strategy of attrition against Ukrainian forces.
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