President Volodymy Zelensky said at a press conference yesterday that any narrative questioning his legitimacy as a result of Ukraine's postponing elections is clearly part of Russia's informational campaign against Ukraine. 

Ukraine's planned presidential election in May has been called off due to the state of martial law and constant attacks from Russia, according to Kyiv.

Zelensky said that neither Western allies nor Ukrainian politicians doubted his legitimacy during wartime.

"All G7 intelligence agencies have the evidence. It's clear to everyone that this is a Russian program. Everyone is against it," Zelensky said.

Moreover, the President highlighted that individuals within Ukraine perpetuating this narrative have been identified, suggesting that their stance could be deemed treasonous. He refrained from disclosing names.


“I treat this as a treasonous position towards Ukraine,” Zelensky said.

He mentioned that Ukrainian intelligence has found out how much money the Kremlin spends on spreading disinformation. Some American journalists have seen the documents detailing this funding, he said.

“The amount of money allocated to certain institutions to raise this topic is indicated in the documents,” Zelensky said.

Zelensky said Sunday that his country's victory "depends" on support from the West and expressed hope the United States would approve a critical package of military aid.

He appealed to the West to boost Ukraine's war effort at a forum marking the second anniversary of Russia's invasion.

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David Steel
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Artificial Intelligence is the West's greatest weapon to win this war.

Russian disinformation, propaganda and election interference relies on scores of people using VPN's, SIM cards, disposable accounts and identities to multiply their influence online worldwide.

AI can neutralise their effect at lightning speed, for example posting counter arguments automatically and pinpointing crossposting, tracing IP's, building profiles and in many other ways.

The mobilisation has left Russia with a lack of science and tech people who left the country to avoid conscription and no foreign experts wish to live under Putin's harsh regime. Russia cannot source the latest chips due to the sanctions and can only hope to steal western software available online.

They are years away from developing their own AI platform.

AI provides options. We can leak some tasty software with hidden vulnerabilites for Russian hackers to find and try to use, or we could direct military grade AI to predict movements on the battlefield and anticipate Russian attacks and provide Ukrainian commanders with these tools, which are still in development but badly in need of real world testing.

We can provide AI utility to Ukraine for FREE, it is powerful enough to keep Russia down for a generation by countering their online activity and military plans.