On Tuesday morning, Feb 27, Ukrainian partisans blew up the office of the Russian occupation political party United Russia in Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region. According to the Center for National Resistance (CNR), the explosions were heard in a nearby election polling station.

“The forces of the resistance movement sent a ‘greeting’ to the occupiers and stopped the fake ‘election’ process in the captured city,” CNR reports.

The underground sresistance reports that the Russian occupation authorities are now trying to hide the fact of resistance in order “not to sow panic” among the local population before the forthcoming election of the President of the Russian Federation.

“Therefore, in order not to sow panic, the Russians are now claiming mythical UAVs that allegedly hit the objects, even though this is not true,” the underground added.


Photo: CNR

The CNR calls on Ukrainian citizens not to participate in the “elections” which are little more than propaganda activities. At the same time, the resistance movement warns that every collaborator who helps organize the pseudo-election process will be held accountable for their actions.

Russia's election authorities said that voting began on Sunday in remote areas of the country and in parts of occupied Ukraine.

For an election that many consider to be a charade, one whose outcome has already been decided in favor of the incumbent, President Vladimir Putin, Russia goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure everyone gets to vote.

Ukraine Already Uncovers 11 Spy Cells This Year: Ukrainian Intelligence
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Ukraine Already Uncovers 11 Spy Cells This Year: Ukrainian Intelligence

Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Chief Vasyl Maliuk said Ukraine has exposed 11 intelligence networks spying for Russia so far this year, where some agents were working for state enterprises.

While regular voting to select the “new” president officially takes place between March 15 and 17, procedures are put in place for those who live in remote areas or who otherwise can’t easily get to a polling station.

Last September, the Russian occupation authorities held pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Then the Ukrainian underground successfully sabotaged the pseudo-elections in occupied Ukraine.


One of the more dramatic attempts to disrupt the voting was an operation by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), when two drones saw - according to the SBU - "voting" at a polling station in Zaporizhzhia and blew it up.

“The elections here ended prematurely,” an SBU source told the Kyiv Post.

 “After the explosions, the occupiers got nervous - they cordoned off the surrounding streets, started checking people, and launched their drones into the air.

“This is another warning to the occupiers and collaborators that the Ukrainian land will literally burn under their feet,” the SBU added.

A spokesman for the CNR, who identifies himself only as Ostap, told the Kyiv Post that large-scale protests are taking place and that the election is being ignored by the local population.

“Of course, there is a percentage of people who have been waiting for this - the [so-called] ‘Russkiy Mir’ (Russian Peace), and they don't care what is burning or not, but of course the majority of Ukrainians are resisting and helping the defense forces,” Ostap said.

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what a waste of drones! they are not free you know! go after actual targets russian war targets and not meaningless buildings. you are losing land, time, money, and peoples support everyday. destroying russian infrastructure supporting the war, tanks, planes, trains, rail tracks, troops, and regaining ukrainian territory is what keeps support. who cares about a sham election polling station?