Russian volunteer forces fighting alongside Kyiv on Wednesday, March 13, urged civilians to flee Belgorod and Kursk, warning of impending large-scale attacks on military targets in these Russian border cities.

“We call on the local authorities to preserve human lives and begin evacuating the cities of Kursk and Belgorod,”  stated three groups mainly composed of Russian citizens – the Freedom of Russia Legion (LSR), the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), and the Siberian Battalion – in a joint statement.

This announcement comes one day after the groups claimed to have seized Tyotkino village in Russia’s Kursk region.


“Putin’s assassins are launching massive strikes on peaceful Ukrainian cities, positioning their military installations amidst residential areas, schools, and government institutions. The bombardment of Ukraine from the territory of Belgorod must cease!


“In this regard, we are forced to inflict fire damage on military positions in Belgorod and Kursk. To avoid civilian casualties, we urge everyone to leave the cities immediately,” the statement reads.

Russian volunteers fighting for Ukraine said on Tuesday, March 12, that they had launched a cross-border attack into the Belgorod and Kursk regions of Russia and are engaged in active combat.

Several hours after that statement, the Freedom of Russia Legion announced that the village of Tyotkino in the Kursk region had reportedly been completely taken over by anti-Kremlin volunteers.

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“Putin’s army quickly escapes from the village, abandoning positions and leaving behind heavy equipment,” the statement of LSR read.

Moscow denied that the fighters had made ground this week, and later posted a statement alleging it had repelled all incursions.

On Wednesday, March 13, LSR fighters reported the destruction of a Russian control center, stating, “We are approaching a crisis for the defense industry of the bloody regime. Anyway, it does not work for defense, but for attack.”


However, the LSR fighters did not specify the exact location of the destroyed Russian control center or the weapons used.

Additionally, the Legion released a video message from two fighters situated in the village of Tyotkino, Kursk region. The Russian Freedom Legion had previously declared complete control of the settlement.

“We are fighting in Tyotkino... We are alive, we are tired, we are with you,” one fighter expressed in the video. Another Russian volunteer mentioned their ongoing advance through the village, amidst heavy shelling of the streets.

“The streets are heavily shelled. We are still waiting for a local police officer with whom we need to talk, and local residents who need to be freed,” he explained.

The video ended with the fighters proclaiming, “Glory to Ukraine - Glory to the Heroes.”

Subsequently, LSR released another video depicting a morning clash with Russian forces, stating, “Putin’s troops tried to enter from the rear, but Legion attack aircraft repelled the attack and struck back.”

“In terms of enemy losses, we will be able to say later, but visually, we beat them up,” they added.


Additionally, on Wednesday, the Russian Volunteer Corps published a video showing drones of anti-Putin volunteers attacking Russian military equipment.

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There lies another moral difference between the forces of good (anti-putin russians & Ukrainians) and the forces of evil (putin's regime). The former pre-emptively warns and supports relocations of civilians about to be a war zone.

What does putin's evil regime do? It actively targets Ukrainian civilians and their critical infrastructure even far far away form the front line. Does it provide civilians a warning....NOPE. Will it do anything to help the russian civilians who now find parts of their own country deservedly becoming a civil war zone....NOPE.

Putin's regime lives in opulence and beats / murders their own people when they ask for more humane treatment.

Putin's regime must be taken out. Russians themselves can do this without starting a world war. Russian's you need to join and support the RDK, Siberian Battalion, SLR or similar freedom fighter effort to obtain better leadership.

That is not to say Ukraine's allies should not do every thing possible in the interim to help Ukraine defend its people and borders. A crushing defeat of Putins forces in Ukraine will also help the anti-putin russians take back their nation.
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Keep at it Ukraine untill the job is done .
Bob Boomhauer
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Tick tock Putler. Russian Nazis are despised by Russia's patriots and real men. The lying Kremlin will insist that nothing happened, that all is well, and that everything is going according to plan. Now is the right time for someone to assassinate the little Hitler wanna be who dreams of being great. Instead he's a wanted war criminal, has failed with his criminal SMO, and will go down in history as a despicable scumbag.

S Wolfskin
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@Bob Boomhauer, do these partisans have all the menpower to invade even Belogorod?? tell me how and when?? why don't they lose Avdeevka then???

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@S Wolfskin, Avdiivka is Ukrainian, not Russian. Why would Russian anti-Putin partisans want to get involved in a fight for the Ukrainian city of Avdiivka?