Ukrainian intelligence services (SBU) hit three of Russia’s top five largest oil refineries with drones in overnight attacks March 12-13, a Kyiv Post source confirmed.

The oil refineries were in Ryazan, Kstovo (in the Nizhny Novgorod region), and Kirishi (in the Leningrad region).

“We are systematically implementing a well-calculated strategy to reduce the economic potential of Russia. Our task is to deprive the enemy of resources and reduce the flow of oil money and fuel that Russia directs directly to the war and the killing of our citizens,” the source said.

According to accounts on social media, allegedly locals saw three drones attack the Ryazan refinery. The fire at the Ryazan oil refinery was reportedly 100 square meters.

Not long after the attack on the Ryazan oil refinery, several videos surfaced on social media. According to one Telegram post, there was a failed attempt to shoot down a drone with small arms.


On the same night, the Kyiv Post source said, the SBU, coordinating with others in Ukraine’s Armed Forces, also attacked a Russian Air Force base in Buturlinivka and a military airfield in Voronezh with drones.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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Jeffrey Kargel
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I really like the Kyiv Post.

However, I have noticed occasional incorrect use of area measurements in previous reports, for example with the sizes of fires. Those errors then bring ambiguity to further reports of area measurements. In today's Kyiv Post, I don't know if a 100 square meter fire was a small fire, or if it was actually meant a 100 x 100 meters fire (a big fire). Let me make up examples.

In one square meter beneath an apple tree, you can set up one folding chair and sit to eat your apple as one thinks about what an evil idiot Putin is, as one also waits for another apple to drop and teach about gravity.

In 100 square meters (10 m x 10 m, or 20 x 5 meters), you could set up 100 folding chairs into the area. 100 people can sit there and listen to a political speech about evil idiot Putin, and about the gravity of the war situation.

In 100 meters square (100 x 100 meters = 10,000 square meters), 10,000 chairs can be set up in a small concert arena in front of the stage, so that 10,000 people can listen to a Pussy Riot concert featuring songs about what an evil idiot Putin is and how the natural gravity of Karma will eventually crush Putin.

With a fire of 100 square meters, one small house may burn along with one Russian Lt. Colonel who just arrived home after a day's hard work of planning evil with the FSB. A fire of 100 meters square (10,000 square meters) may burn the whole FSB headquarters and burn up thousands of evil plans.

A Rea
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@Jeffrey Kargel, the numerical value is 100 and the unit is the “square metre”. It is 10 m by 10 m, or 20 m by 5 m etc. The other way to express it, if it were 100 m by 100 m, would be to say it is 100 m square.

I too have felt that there is some confusion in the minds of journalists writing on these subjects for Kyiv Post. Particularly when a “large” fire is declared as 100 square metres. Not so large for a building blaze. If Kyiv Post could follow accepted practices in describing areas, we could understand more readily.
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@Jeffrey Kargel, And with one square meter, a hydrogen bomb can be dropped on Moscow, thus wiping out Russia’s capital city, the Kremlin, its thugs, and everyone living there. But which bomb, French or British? Perhaps Putin should zip his lip and stop talking about the use of nukes all the time. No one is going to do it, it is just a form of Russian propaganda. Putin is in much worse shape than he is letting on. I’ll bet that if he had it to do over again, he would have just stayed home. The meter is ticking. He may see the Grim Reaper, which is a really grave situation.