The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has registered a new draft law that would consider platforms such as Telegram and Instagram as media entities subject to government regulations.

The draft law, submitted by Mykola Knyazhytsky from the European Solidarity party, would require the platforms to implement mechanisms where users can file complaints about content that goes against Ukrainian law, as well as remove and restrict content upon request from the National Council.

There have been multiple studies that showed Russian use of Telegram as a means of disinformation against Ukraine, which is likely the reason for the new draft law.

According to the explanatory note of the draft law, 72 percent of Ukrainians obtain information through channels on Telegram. A Washington Post article published in February stated that Telegram audience in Ukraine had grown 600 percent over the previous year.


Below are the main requirements outlined in the document, as reported by Ukrainian tech outlet DOU:

  • Post the terms of use and prohibit the dissemination of information that violates Ukrainian law;
  • Provide an opportunity for users to leave complaints and consider such appeals;
  • Limit the distribution of illegal content at the request of the National Council;
  • Inform the National Council about the ownership structure and sources of financing at its request;
  • Not to process the personal data of children for commercial purposes;
  • Ensure the presence of a representative of the platform in Ukraine or the EU.

Any form of violation of the new requirements would also prohibit its use by government agencies, according to the draft law.

Knyazhytsky’s press office told that restrictions are to be applied on platforms that “have functionality that allows information to be distributed to an unlimited number of people,” but not the channels featured on the platforms.

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Try to justify it however you wish, but censorship is censorship is censorship. Ukraine’s current government is proving time and time again it doesn’t support freedom of expression.
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Ridiculous. America and EU bringing more "DEMOCRACY" to Eastern Europe.