Missile attacks on Kyiv on Feb. 7 and March 25 included the use of “experimental” versions of the Tsirkon hypersonic ballistic missile fired from modified K-300P Bastion-P (NATO: SS-C-5 Stooge) mobile coastal defense missile systems based in occupied Crimea.

This followed several previous instances of the launchers being used to fire Oniks anti-ship missiles against commercial ports in the Odesa region.

While the Tsirkons have not performed successfully so far, the combination of the Bastion’s mobility and rapid deployment and the speed of the missile means that Ukraine’s air defenses get very little warning – on March 25 it was virtually none.

With that in mind, the Ukrainian General Staff, other parts of the Armed Forces (AFU)  and have taken the unusual step of sending out a general request on social media, along with several other Ukrainian Telegram channels asking for assistance from residents of occupied Crimea, both directly and through friends and family, to assist in tracking down the weapons systems.


The request for help is called “the people’s intelligence for the elimination of the Tsirkon hypersonic missiles.”

The post asks: “Do you live in Crimea or do you have relatives or friends on the peninsula?” It goes on: “if you do, share this message with them.”

Ukrainian Forces Down Another Russian Su-25 in Donetsk Region
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Ukrainian Forces Down Another Russian Su-25 in Donetsk Region

This is the second Su-25 the anti-aircraft gunners have shot down this week.

The messages include photographs of the Bastion system (see above) and highlights its use in launching the Tsirkons against Ukrainian cities. The post provides guidance on how to report the information anonymously through the єВорог (eVorog) chat bot and how to protect oneself both while posting any information and by deleting any links and all communication with others afterwards.


It then goes into more detail to describe how difficult the missiles are to intercept, even though two attacks on Kyiv were repelled, because of their short flight time and that they can be launched from anywhere on the territory of the occupied peninsula.

It calls for written information, photos, and videos for which it says: “So, residents of Crimea, help the Defense Forces of Ukraine with information about Bastions, namely:

  • Deployed system locations
  • System parking and lay-up areas
  • Storage areas for missiles
  • Refueling locations
  • Linked personnel: to include names, positions, operational sites, and residences.

The partisan group Atesh frequently puts out calls for supporters to seek out and provide information on Russian military location, movement of men and materiel, movement of warships, documentation of the Russians or any other information that may be useful.

This is the first time the UAF has publicly called for assistance of this kind and with the specific request of naming a particular weapon of concern.

The post ends by declaring that this Bastion data is essential. If the launchers are destroyed, then it will be one less opportunity for the Russians to attack Ukrainian cities.

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