According to reports from Russian officials, 50 drones targeted eight regions of Russia late on the evening of April 19 and into the early hours of April 20. Following the drone attack, several energy infrastructure facilities suffered damage, with fires breaking out at explosion sites and civilians perishing in one settlement.

Russian air defense forces reportedly destroyed three unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) over the Belgorod region. Witnesses reported explosions near Stary Oskol, accompanied by a bright flash in the sky, while footage captured a fire outside the city.

Subsequently, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov of the Belgorod region disclosed that a private residential building in the village of Poroz caught fire due to the detonation of two explosive devices. Two civilians died—a woman with a fractured femoral neck and a man attending to her. The woman's son escaped the burning house.


The drone attack resulted in the complete destruction of a private residential building and a barn, with significant damage sustained by another residential structure.

Governor Oleksandr Bogomaz of the Bryansk region reported the destruction of six drones. One downed drone caused a fire at an energy infrastructure facility upon impact.

In the Kursk region, Governor Roman Starovoit confirmed the destruction of five drones by Russian air defense forces. An alert was issued at 4:46 am due to the threat of UAV attacks.

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Governor Vladyslav Shapsha of the Kaluga region stated that a drone explosion near an electric substation in the Maloyaroslavets district caused minor damage to energy infrastructure, with no casualties reported. Emergency services are currently on-site to repair the damage.

In the Smolensk region, Governor Vasyliy Anokhin reported a drone attack on a fuel and energy complex facility in the Kardymovsky district around 2:00 am. While air defense forces shot down the drone, falling debris ignited a container of fuel and lubricants. Response teams are working to extinguish the flames, and details about any casualties are pending.


In summary, Russian air defense units allegedly intercepted and destroyed 50 drones overnight:

  • 26 over the Belgorod region
  • 10 over the Bryansk region
  • 8 over the Kursk region
  • 2 over the Tula region
  • 1 each over the Smolensk, Ryazan, Kaluga, and Moscow regions.
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