President Volodymyr Zelensky will retain his legitimacy and powers after his five-year term ends on May 21 until the election of the next head of state when wartime regulatons are lifted.  Ukraine's Minister of Justice, Denys Malyuska, affirmed this in an interview with BBC News Ukraine.

Justice Minister dismisses speculation on this matter

“The president's powers endure until the election of his successor. However, certain provisions of the Constitution are open to interpretation, inviting speculation or conspiracy theories,” Malyuska said.

He acknowledged, “There may be considerable debate and criticism, particularly considering that the Constitution's framers may not have fully anticipated the possibility of Ukraine being embroiled in a large-scale conflict, leading to some provisions being inadequately formulated.”


Timing for an appeal to the Constitutional Court is inappropriate

Malyuska believes it's ill-timed to seek clarification from the Constitutional Court regarding certain constitutional ambiguities.

“Such an appeal would imply legitimate questions and doubts, warranting resolution by the Constitutional Court. Given the country's communication and security challenges, openly questioning the president's legitimacy would be a grave error.

“Therefore, I see no merit in approaching the Constitutional Court presently. Perhaps, in the future, under different circumstances, it could be considered, but not at this juncture," Malyuska said.

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A day earlier, Spain pledged one billion euros in military aid, with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Zelensky signing their own security deal in Madrid.

The minister also confirmed that in the interim all presidential decrees and documents would remain valid.

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