Andriy Yusov, the HUR spokesperson, said during a telethon that Ukrainian Magura V5 maritime drones have occasioned $500 million worth of damage to the Russian Black Sea Fleet and its experts continue to improve the drones to inflict even greater damage.

Yusov called the Magura V5 drone the main and best weapon available to Ukraine to fight the Russian Navy. He believes that the secret of the Magura drone’s success lies in the combination of the skill of its Ukrainian manufacturers, the targeting intelligence provided by the HUR and the professionalism of Group 13 special unit operators which has created a unique means of destroying the enemy fleet, its weapons, and personnel.

“As of today, the aggressor’s Black Sea Fleet has already suffered more than $500 million in losses as a result of effective actions of the HUR's special forces using Magura drones,” Yusov said.


According to him, the HUR analyzes the consequences of each successful operation, just like the enemy, who is trying to put countermeasures and tactics in place to protect their ships. Yusov added that the every aspect of the Magura drone is being improved -  all elements of the equipment, including the warhead.

MAGURA V5 drone hits against Russian vessels off Crimea

In the early morning of May 6, special forces of HUR hit a Russian army speedboat in waters off occupied Crimea. Kyiv Post sources in the special services said, “This was a successful special operation of the HUR.”.

Appearance of Ukrainian Drones in Tatarstan Closes Airports and Enterprises
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Appearance of Ukrainian Drones in Tatarstan Closes Airports and Enterprises

Russian social media reports that two airports were closed accompanied by mass employee evacuations after two drones were spotted over Tatarstan on Thursday, May 23.

Two months ago, Kyiv Post reported that Ukrainian MAGURA V5 drones operated by the HUR hit the Russian patrol ship “Sergei Kotov” near the Kerch Strait severely damaging its stern, starboard and port sides.

What is the MAGURA V5

The MAGURA V5, is an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) developed in Ukraine. It is capable of a variety of maritime operations, including surveillance, reconnaissance, patrol and combat missions.

The USV is 5.5 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, has a cruising speed of 40.7 kilometers per hour, a maximum speed of 77.8 kilometers per hour, and a range of about 833 kilometers.


Thanks to its hydrodynamic hull and maneuverability, the V5 demonstrates stealth-loke capabilities.

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