According to an Atesh movement partisan, the Russian forces on the Crimean peninsula are moving Kremlin aircraft to inactive airfields, fearing future strikes by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU).

A servicemember from Russia’s 27th Aviation Division reported work to reopen the Zavodskoye airport in Simferopol with repairs underway on runways, taxiways, and building structures. Additionally, the Russians are transferring military equipment and personnel to the airfield.

After the Russian occupation of Crimea in 2014, the airport was only used for flights to and from Russia.

In response to the success of AFU attacks on the peninsula, the Russians are feverishly working to reopen abandoned airfields at Kirovskoye (near Feodosia) and Bagerovo (near Kerch), reported the Atesh partisans.


Kyiv Post sources in the Ukrainian Special Service (SBU) reported that, on the night of May 29-30, “the Russians lost one Nebo-SVU long-range radar detection system worth about $100 million,” which monitored a 380 kilometer section of the front.

According to the sources, it was hit by drones developed by SBU military counterintelligence. This radar system near Armyansk monitored a section of the front, ensuring the protection of enemy targets in Crimea. Additionally, ATACMS targeted the ferry crossing in Crimea, which Kremlin forces were using as a logistics facility.

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Partisans Scout Russian Plant in Tyumen Where Bombers Reportedly Are Assembled
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Partisans Scout Russian Plant in Tyumen Where Bombers Reportedly Are Assembled

Partisans claim the factory is facing critical problems trying to produce turbojet and turbofan engines as replacements for Western aircraft powerplants, along with rocket motors for missiles.
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