The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said it “neutralized” a group of agents in Odesa employed by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), where a female agent attempted to avoid detection by “constantly changing wigs.”

According to the SBU press release, the three suspects were tasked by the FSB to scout out air defense systems protecting Odesa and install hidden cameras around the Odesa seaport. They reportedly moved around in taxis to photograph and mark locations of interest on Google Maps. 

Two of the suspects were caught while photographing a military installation, while the female suspect was arrested in her apartment after spying on a nearby location.

“The Security Service of Ukraine documented all the facts of the aggressor’s intelligence and subversive activity in stages and detained a resident of the FSB agent group and his accomplice when they were photographing a military object.


“Another member of the enemy cell, a local resident, was detained in her own apartment after she had done reconnaissance near a potential target,” read the press release.

The SBU said the suspects communicated with the FSB using mobile phones bought separately and exclusively for that purpose.

All three suspects are in custody and face life imprisonment if convicted.

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