Ukraine will fight the Russian invasion until victorious, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his New Year address Saturday, paying tribute to all those taking part in the war effort.

"We fight and will continue to fight. For the sake of the main word: 'victory'," he said, as his country saw the old year out.

Hours after Ukraine suffered another wave of Russian missile attacks, Zelensky remained defiant in an emotional speech in which he heaped praise on all those people involved in the war in Ukraine.

"I want to say to all of you: Ukrainians, you are incredible! See what we have done and what we are doing!

"How our soldiers have been smashing this 'second army of the world' since the first days.

"How our people stopped their equipment and infantry columns...

"There are no small matters in a great war," Zelensky added.


"There are no unnecessary ones. Each of us is a fighter. Each of us is a front. Each of us is the basis of the defense.

"We fight as one team –- the whole country, all our regions. I admire you all. I want to thank every invincible region of Ukraine."

The latest wavesof Russian missile strikes on Ukraine on Dec 31 and Jan.1 included several hits in Kyiv.


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