Head of the President’s Office of Ukraine Andriy Yermak has said that judicial reform remains one of the necessary ones for joining the EU.

“Judicial reform, the mechanism for selecting judges and holding them accountable,” he said, speaking at the Forbes-Ukraine conference on Friday, July 8.

Among the necessary reforms, he also called the reform of the SBU. “We must also continue to implement the plan for de-oligarchization of Ukraine in order to exclude the influence of oligarchs on political decision-making,” he said. At the same time, he stressed the need to significantly strengthen the antimonopoly legislation.

Yermak also announced the reform of key ministries and agencies. “The state should become more compact and efficient,” he said.

The main principles for the authorities, according to him, remain “security standards, the rule of law, the value of human life.”


“Joining the EU will help us build a Ukraine that we can be proud of,” Yermak said, noting that “this [joining the EU] should take place “as soon as possible.”

He also considers it necessary to develop the practice of creating industrial parks and special modes for IT companies.

Yermak urged businessmen to “actively make proposals and cooperate with the government and the President’s Office.” “The government, together with experts, should create a national plan for joining the EU. The plan should be as realistic as possible,” the head of the President’s Office said.

WORLD BRIEFING: April 20, 2024
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WORLD BRIEFING: April 20, 2024

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