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Russian Armed Forces War in Ukraine

EXPLAINED: What We Learned From Interviewing Russian POWs

This week Kyiv Post interviewed two Russian prisoners of war. In short, they don't like Putin and the situation at the front really is as bad as many Ukrainian and Western reports are claiming.

Nov. 10, 2023

Exclusive interviews with two Russian prisoners of war conducted by Kyiv Post appear to confirm reports by Ukrainian intelligence and Western analysts that parts of the Russian army are poorly provisioned, badly motivated and generally treated as cannon fodder.

In the video above, we’ll look at what motivated these men to join the army to fight in Ukraine, how poorly prepared they were, how they feel about Vladimir Putin and how they see their future prospects.

Read the full interviews here: It’s Really That Bad at the Front, Say Russian POWs

NOTE: The interview was conducted at a military facility in accordance with the international conventions on the treatment of prisoners of war. There was a Ukrainian soldier present in the room with the captives and the reporter.

The captives were not required to answer any questions and could leave the interview at any time.

The prisoners identified themselves by name, but Kyiv Post has used pseudonyms to keep their identities confidential.