Ukraine wants to restore its territorial integrity within the internationally recognized borders of 1991, and there can be no agreement based on Ukraine’s territorial concessions.

The relevant statement was made by Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister Dmytro Kuleba during a panel discussion of the Council on Foreign Relations, an Ukrinform correspondent reports, referring to the press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

“The key moment for Ukraine is to restore our territorial integrity within the internationally recognized borders of 1991. There can be no agreement that would be based on Ukraine’s territorial concessions,” Kuleba stressed.

Commenting on Russia’s possible signal about its alleged readiness for negotiations, Kuleba urged the audience to ask themselves, why Russians send or may send such signals. In his words, this may indicate challenging conditions for Russia on the front and Russia’s desire to buy some time.


Kuleba briefed the participants on Ukraine’s counteroffensive in the east and in the south, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine are liberating more and more territories.

Kuleba also expressed gratitude to the United States, having emphasized that no country had done so much to strengthen Ukraine: decisions on the supply of howitzers and HIMARS turned to be game-changing in the war.

According to Kuleba, the Ukrainian diplomacy’s priority now is to provide the Ukrainian Army with everything necessary to achieve further victories over the Russian Federation on the battlefield, which would also enhance Ukraine’s diplomatic position.

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Slovak PM Blasts Ukraine’s Lukoil Sanctions As Oil Flow Stops

Slovak PM Robert Fico told his Ukrainian counterpart on Saturday that Slovakia will not be a “hostage” to Ukraine-Russia relations after Kyiv's sanctions on Lukoil halted deliveries.

Kuleba once again called on the Governments of EU countries to explain to their citizens that the cause of the economic and energy challenges, which are now faced by Europe, is not Ukraine or sanctions against the Russian Federation but the Russian armed aggression, posing a threat to both Ukraine and the EU.

A reminder that, on September 19-23, 2022, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba is paying a working visit to the United States to take part in the general debate of the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly.



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