On September 13, on the Day of the City of Bucha, film producer Alexander Shchur and director Stanislav Tiunov presented a teaser trailer for their drama, title “Bucha.”

The feature film’s plot is based on actual events in the cities of Bucha, Vorzel, Gostomel, and Irpin during the Russian occupation from February to April 2022.

The biopic film will tell about the rescue of 203 residents by Konstantin Gudauskas, a citizen of Kazakhstan who received political asylum in Ukraine and lives in Bucha. With the beginning of the Russian invasion, thanks to his Kazakh passport, he had the opportunity to travel to the territory occupied by Russian troops and extract civilians. Konstantin not only saves people but also sees firsthand the horror of war and occupation – murders, robberies, rapes.


After the Kyiv region’s liberation, Konstantin became the hero of many publications and TV stories throughout the world.

“After it became known in April what was happening in Bucha and other occupied Ukrainian cities, it became clear that the tragedy of the Ukrainian people should be known all over the world,” says Alexander Shchur, the film’s producer. We believe that implementing this project will help Ukraine attract the international community’s attention and encourage increased economic and military assistance in the future.”

“BUCHA” is scheduled to premiere on the tragedy’s first anniversary.

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The film will also include a scene of the rescue of the renowned Ukrainian composer Ihor Poklad, who was at his home in Vorzel during the events. Several works by Poklad will be used in the film’s soundtracks. Whereas the main soundtrack is by Isa Melikov, a well-known Azerbaijani composer and producer.

The goal of the film’s creative team is to participate in international festivals, as well as to present the film on world streaming services.


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