In Zelensky’s latest address on Monday evening, September 12, the Ukrainian President stated that Russia is still able to wage this war due to insufficient pressure from the Ukrainian Western allies. Zelensky also said that Ukraine has to strengthen its cooperation with partners to overcome Russian terror.

Read the President’s full address below: 


All Europeans!

And everyone in the world who believes that terror should have no place on earth.

Why is the biggest source of terror in the world – Russia – still able to wage this war? And why can it wage the war so cruelly and cynically? There is only one reason – insufficient pressure on Russia. The response to the terror of this state is insufficient.

Just look at what Russia can afford. No other terrorist has ever done this in history – so many things at once.


Radiation terror at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Six power units! The presence of Russian troops at the plant, constant Russian provocations and shelling of the plant’s territory alone put Ukraine and all of Europe on the brink of a radiation disaster.

Energy terror. Residents of many countries around the world are suffering due to the painful increase in prices for energy resources – for electricity, for heat. Russia does it deliberately. It deliberately destabilizes the gas market in Europe. With its strikes it deliberately limits our Ukrainian ability to export electricity to Europe. The export of electricity from Ukraine could alleviate the severity of the energy crisis in Europe in the same way that the export of our food relieves the severity of the food crisis in the world.

Russia Struck Railway Infrastructure in Kharkiv Region
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Russia Struck Railway Infrastructure in Kharkiv Region

Initial reports said four railway workers received minor injuries, and the attack affected trains between Kharkiv, Kyiv and Kramatorsk.

Hunger terror is a very cynical and completely deliberate tactic of Russia. And it is directed not just against poor countries, but specifically against those regions of the world from which a new inflow of refugees may come to Europe. Severe migrant crisis in Europe – this is the calculation of the terrorist state.


Fortunately, together with our partners, together with the UN, Turkey, we managed to achieve an export grain initiative. Russia was forced to unblock our ports. But now it is threatening a blockade again.

And how does the world react? There is still no official recognition of Russia as a state – sponsor of terrorism. Citizens of the terrorist state can still travel to Europe for vacation or shopping, they can still get European visas, and no one knows whether there are torturers or murderers among them who have just returned from the occupied territory of Ukraine. Until now, Russian propagandists can still work precisely in those countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, which are threatened with the greatest chaos due to price and energy crises created by Russia. We are still forced to ask for help in protecting our skies from Russian missiles – after 200 days of full-scale war!

Yesterday and today, the Russian army struck the Ukrainian energy infrastructure. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians found themselves in the dark – without electricity. Houses, hospitals, schools, communal infrastructure… Russian missiles hit precisely those objects that have absolutely nothing to do with the infrastructure of the Armed Forces of our country.


On the one hand, this is a sign of the desperation of those who invented this war. This is how they react to the defeat of Russian troops in the Kharkiv region. They can’t do anything to our heroes on the battlefield, and that’s why Russia is directing its vile strikes against civilian infrastructure.

On the other hand, Russia is trying to prevent us from directing Ukraine’s capabilities in such a way as to stabilize the situation in Europe. Our electricity export is something that Russia is very afraid of right now. Because we can disrupt Russian plans to empty the pockets of Europeans this winter due to crazy energy prices.

We still need to strengthen our cooperation in order to overcome Russian terror. Russia must be designated a terrorist state. Strengthen sanctions – the eighth EU sanctions package is needed. Increase aid to Ukraine, and above all speed up the provision of air defense systems.

I am grateful to all the rescuers who fought the consequences of Russian missile strikes at energy facilities. Hundreds of settlements in several regions of Ukraine were cut off due to these strikes.

At the request of the Minister of Internal Affairs, today I would like to especially note the contribution to the stabilization of the situation of Major General of the Civil Protection Service Oleksandr Volobuyev, Colonel of the Civil Protection Service Oleksandr Mislavskyi, Senior Lieutenant of the Civil Protection Service Vitaliy Dzyabko, Ensign of the Civil Protection Service Denys Kostenko and fireman, Ensign Oleksandr Gulyi. Thank you. I am grateful to you and your colleagues!


The energy supply of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Poltava region, Sumy region, Kharkiv region and the city of Kharkiv was restored. But today there are new strikes at energy facilities. New blackouts in Kharkiv. And we must be aware that the meanness of Russian terrorists knows no bounds – they will try to make such a form of terror systematic.

On my behalf, the Prime Minister of Ukraine held a meeting today with the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Territories and Communities Development of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance and Naftogaz. A coordinating headquarters will be formed to quickly respond to all such manifestations of Russian terror. Funds will also be allocated for the restoration of damaged objects and for assistance to the de-occupied territories.

From the beginning of September until today, our warriors have already liberated more than 6,000 square kilometers of the territory of Ukraine – in the east and south. The movement of our troops continues.

I am thankful to the 57th separate motorized infantry brigade, which has recovered from heavy fighting in the east and is advancing very bravely, very confidently in the south direction.


I am thankful to the 59th separate motorized infantry brigade for steadily moving forward despite everything – despite the features of the open terrain, despite the artillery of the occupiers.

I am thankful to the fighters of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade for the liberation of several settlements and very effective actions to neutralize the enemy’s activity. Guys, you are true heroes!

Separately, I want to thank our anti-aircraft fighters today. Yesterday, we all saw the consequences of the Russian strikes. But at the same time, most of the terrorists’ missiles were shot down. Nine of the twelve missiles were shot down. Seven missiles were shot down by warriors of the 138th Dnipro anti-aircraft missile brigade of the “East” air command, and two missiles were shot down by the sky defenders of the 96th Kyiv anti-aircraft missile brigade of the “Center” air command. Thank you, our defenders!

Thank you to everyone who fights for Ukraine!

Thank you to everyone who is really ready to fight against Russian terror!

We bring victory closer every day.


Glory to Ukraine!

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