The United States on Friday announced another $400 million military aid package. According to U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, along with the ammunition for HIMARS installations, howitzers, and Bradley combat vehicles that the U.S. provided to Ukraine earlier, the new aid package will also include bridges that fold out from armored vehicles.


The Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge is a portable folding metal bridge transported on a tracked vehicle converted from a tank chassis. This will enable Ukrainian troops to facilitate river crossings while reclaiming the occupied territories.


“Storm bridges are critical to offensive operations, which indicates that the United States is preparing Ukraine to continue to reclaim its territory,” Jack Watling, a senior ground warfare researcher at the Royal Institute of London, was quoted by Reuters.



Including this latest package, Washington has provided Ukraine with more than $32 billion in military aid, according to U.S. government tallies.

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