On September 5, members of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspection team completed their work at Zaporizhzhia NPP.  Four of the six representatives of the inspection team left the plant’s territory. It is expected that two IAEA experts will continue to work there on a permanent basis.

The head of the IAEA mission, Rafael Mariano Grossi, is expected to report on the mission’s results to the UN Security Council on September 6.

President Zelensky said in an interview with ABC News on September 5 that he would not consider a controlled shutdown of the plant to prevent radiation leaks.

“I know the Russians would like the reactors to be disconnected from the Ukrainian grid and connected to the Russian grid. No, we disagree with that,” he stated.


At the same time, Zelensky said that Russia is using nuclear blackmail. This, in his opinion, is the same as using nuclear weapons.

“You see, they (Russians) occupied our nuclear plant – six units, the largest in Europe. That means six Chornobyls. They use nuclear weapons. That is a great danger for Europe. That’s what nuclear weapons are.”

On September 5, 2022, Zaporizhzhia NPP operated with the risk of violating radiation and fire safety rules.

Only the 6th power unit remains in operation currently, which supplies electricity to the Ukrainian power system and meets the plant’s own needs. There is no comment available at the present time on the equipment process and security systems.

Rebuilding Ukraine – Institutionalization of Feedback
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Rebuilding Ukraine – Institutionalization of Feedback

A lack of honest, unbiased, and regular feedback from Ukraine’s senior leadership is a massive barrier to their effectiveness and overall organizational performance.

On September 3, after repeated attacks by the Russian invaders, the communication line of Zaporizhzhia NPP with the Ukrainian power system was damaged, as a result of which unit No. 5 at the plant was disconnected from the Ukrainian energy grid at 19:35 local time.

However, military units of the Russian Federation are still present at the plant, and trucks with weapons and ammunition are located in the engine rooms of the 1st and 2nd power units.


Ukraine continues to call on the international community to take urgent measures to demilitarize the nuclear power plant as soon as possible, withdraw all Russian military personnel from the territory of the plant and the nearby city of Enerhodar, as well as return Zaporizhzhia NPP to the full control of Ukraine for the safety of the whole world.

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