One person has been killed and two injured after a fire broke out in the Border Guard Department of the Federal Security Service (FSB) building in Rostov-on-Don, the TASS media agency has reported.


According to local Telegram channels, an explosion was allegedly heard before the fire broke out on Thursday March 16. According to unconfirmed reports, the fire broke out at an ammunition depot. The area of the fire has already reached 800 square meters.


“Twenty units of firefighters went to the scene,” stated the report. “Police have cordoned off the entrance to the building. At least two people are reported injured, and one is hospitalized in serious condition.”


According to a preliminary version of the report, citing EMERCON, the fire in the FSB border guard department in Rostov region was caused by an electrical fire.



The number of sabotage incidents in the Russian rear has recently increased, and it seems that the Kremlin authorities have begun to take the threat of possible partisan actions seriously.


On February 15, retired FSB major-general Aleksey Mikhailov drew attention to the “fifth column” threat in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.


“It is necessary to engage in a total check of persons connected to Ukraine who are on our territory,” said Mikhailov. “It is necessary to toughen the work with those who joined the so-called ‘fifth column’ ranks as they are inclined to commit not only extremist but also terrorist actions.

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“Furthermore, we need to work strictly on communication channels. I am referring to those communication channels through which our internal fringe groups maintain relations with Ukrainian nationalists,” he said.


This possible attack follows on the heels of the recent successful sabotage of a costly Russian AWACS-type aircraft in February.

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