The Russian military has launched its latest advertising campaign to attract more contract servicemen for offensive operations in Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense is offering new inducements to those who sign a contract to join Russia's Armed Forces, the local newspaper in Yaroslavl region "76 RU" has reported.  


According to the publication, over the last week, a number of posts have appeared, on local social media accounts in the Yaroslavl region, as well as in regional media and on the websites of city administrations, aimed at potential recruits.


The posts, which have spread throughout the region, explain that volunteers must be at least 18 years, healthy and fit for service. The ads contain detailed information about the sign-up bonus and a monthly salary on offer.



"A one-time payment to Yaroslavl residents who have signed a contract for military service will amount to 295 thousand rubles ($3,800). Of these, 195 thousand ($2,500) will be allocated by the Ministry of Defense, and another 100 thousand ($1,300) from Governor Mikhail Evraev," the Yaroslavl Mayor's office representative was reported as saying by "76.RU".


According to the publication , the monthly salary of a contracted serviceman will be about 200 thousand rubles ($2,600), depending on the assigned military rank, position, and length of service .

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In addition, if the soldier is assigned to the Russian frontline as part of an assault detachment, it says he will be rewarded with a payment of 50 thousand RUB ($650) for every kilometer gained.


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