On Friday, Mar. 24, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed draft law No. 7606, which requires mandatory testing on the basics of the Constitution of Ukraine, the history of Ukraine, and proficiency in the official Ukrainian language for individuals seeking citizenship. The draft law received support from 281 members of the parliament and was sent to President Volodymyr Zelenskyi for approval. 

An electronic petition on the introduction of such an exam had been previously submitted to the government and gained the necessary number of votes on the president's website in May of last year.

Under the new law, those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to Ukraine, including foreigners and stateless individuals performing military service under a contract in the Armed Forces, the State Special Transport Service, or the National Guard, as well as those whose admission to Ukrainian citizenship is in the nation’s interest, and those who have received a temporary residence permit, will have their terms for mastering the state language revised.


These categories of individuals would be required to pass exams on the Constitution of Ukraine, the history of Ukraine, and have to show their level of proficiency in the official language within two years of being granted Ukrainian citizenship and submit relevant documents.

Failure to pass these exams within the specified period could result in losing Ukrainian citizenship. The law also clarifies the conditions for children and adults recognized by the court as incompetent, such as those individuals with disabilities related to visual, hearing, and speech impairments, and those with mental disorders seeking admission to Ukrainian citizenship.

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