The other day, mass media outlets began to spread information about an alleged upcoming forcible evacuation of Kyiv residents. However, the Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA) denied the information, which was actively disseminated in the mass media about preparation for a forcible evacuation. Roman Tkachuk, director of the Department of Municipal Security, announced this on the morning of August 27.

“There is currently no talk of evacuation from Kyiv or its individual districts. Yes, there are evacuation commissions in every district, they were created a long time ago, in the event of completely different emergency situations – from floods to accidents at critical infrastructure facilities. And we do periodically conduct training, discuss various options, including mandatory evacuation. This is exactly what I had in mind, but, unfortunately, the mass media, in its pursuit of hype, decided to scare the residents of Kyiv,” Roman Tkachuk emphasized.


He added that the city’s civil defense system works in enhanced mode and all emergency services must always be ready to respond to any emergency situation. This is the main task of the system, especially now, when Ukraine is being hit by the aggressor every single day.

“We ask journalists and bloggers to be responsible, not to play into the hands of the enemy and not to create panic in an empty space. Check the information, clarify it. We are always in touch. Remember that the deliberate distortion of information and the spread of fake news in wartime can lead to catastrophic consequences. We also ask the residents of the city to be vigilant and trust only official and verified information,” added the director of the Municipal Security Department.

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One of the first sources that started a wave of disturbing news about the forcible evacuation was the publication Glavkom. On August 24 it published information that the authorities are considering options for the forcible evacuation of residents of certain districts, citing Roman Tkatchuk.


“A decision on forcible evacuation has not been made so far. People who live near critical infrastructure facilities should always be aware that these facilities may be attacked. Therefore, everyone independently decides whether it is necessary to return to the city and live next to these facilities,” Tkatchuk was quoted as saying by the publication.

The publication also added that Roman Tkachuk said that in fact, based on the civil defense system, there are evacuation commissions in every district of Kyiv.

“Now, if necessary, we will start training these evacuation commissions and we perfectly understand how we will conduct the evacuation of this or that district or the entire city. We are considering options up to forcible evacuation, the system must be ready for that,” Glavkom reported, citing the director of the Department of Municipal Security of the Kyiv City Administration.

Censor.NET published this information on August 26, noting that the capital’s authorities are able to adopt a decision on forcible evacuation of residents of certain districts of Kyiv, however, a decision on forcible evacuation has not yet been approved.


On the night of August 27, Fifth Channel TV published the same information, noting that the Kyiv authorities have several options as to how the mandatory evacuation of certain districts of Kyiv will take place. However, after the official statement was made by Kyiv City State Administration, the Fifth Channel updated its reports and added a denial about the false information.

On the morning of August 27, also published the same information about an alleged forcible evacuation of Kyiv residents.

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